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December 31, 2013


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Barbara Sharrock

I missed the offer of bookmarks, but am interested in Women and writing. My favourite writers include Marilynne Robinson, Mary Lawson, Carol Shields and Anne Tyler. I was introduced to the writings of Charlotte Perkins Gilman by Anna Dreda, owner of Wenlock Books in Much Wenlock, Shropshire.
Of English writers I read Penelope Fitzgerald, Kate Atkinson and Andrea Levy.

Best wishes for the new Year
Barbara Sharrock

Tonissa Saul

These bookmarks are really cool. I see that you offered them up to readers, are there still some available?


what a great idea. could you get a book chain to start stocking them so we can all benefit? i'd be very happy if I could buy them somewhere


lovely! how can i get a hold of these beautiful bookmarks, please?

Kate Langille

I've missed the chance for these bookmarks, right? They are fantastic and I'm heartbroken!


I love them, you should sell them through Etsy or somewhere so we can all get them! :-)


Good idea! (one more site to get to grips with: groan...)

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