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February 05, 2013


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This is so so lovely.

I would love to use this to wrap the Boudoir pics I'm giving to my fiance on valentines day.

Then I would ask for it back and use it to tie my hair--my favorite way to wear scarves.

Tracey S. Rosenberg

To be honest, I would probably drape this over my cat. :) Just because I like to tease her.

But I would mostly wear it in an attempt to be vaguely stylish, and when I wore it I would think happily about one of my first proper poetry readings, back in January 2010 at the Scottish Poetry Library, when I had the honour to share the stage with many excellent writers, including Kelley herself:



I'd probably just tie it into some knots and wear it like a necklace. Nothing too exciting, but it looks good.


The colors are gorgeous, and the drawing of the ladies is wonderful, especially their hairdos. I would wear it on my head, with the knot in the front. Or maybe behind my ear. Hm. Decisions.


Bright colors and this beauty should be on display. I'd probably tie it to my satchel bag or wear a bun tied around with this scarf. this might be a tad too naughty to wear to work:P


Love comes in layers, like the complex layers of this beautiful illustration. I'd love to see my Valentine wearing this scarf however she chose to.

sakura (chasing bawa)

I would wear it around my neck and let the naughty bits peek out.


My valentine is so concerned with the grey-tits freezing in our garden that she'd probably lure one in and wrap it up with this beautiful scarf. You may think I'm joking, but she's actually designing duffel coats for them as I write this.

Therefore, for the sake of the continued liberated expression of the naked body, especially of tits, I think I'd hold onto it and hand it to her as we arrive at our graduation ball in a few weeks.


I love it! Short of throwing a tantrum and threatening to hold my breath till my face matches the colour of the scarf, I would have to wear it to my first romantic trip ever to Paris. Hopefully with some careful draping it will give him some ideas as we speed towards the hotel on the Eurostar...

Christine Granquist

To understand why I would particularly enjoy *this* scarf, you must know something about both my past and my current job. When I was younger, I was one of those "chorus-girl cuties" dancing with the ensemble at the back of the stage. Now, I work in an office during the day, but still do wardrobe and help dress at the theater in the evenings for a bit of extra money and to keep in touch with these girls, these dancing little sisters of mine. The image on the scarf, girls dressing or undressing with the measuring tapes, looks very like we all do, waiting for someone to help us with a zipper or fix a hem. Waiting to go out and charm the socks off the whole audience.
Eventually, I got a proper office job in a situation where I am the only woman, and the only person under 40. It makes for a facinating working environment. An old-fashioned attitude towards women is best handled as a bit of a game. It helps that I work in Information and no one is entirely sure what I do.
I would wear this scarf around my neck, where it will pick up a bit of my perfume and just a stripe of cheeky pattern will show. I'll wear it with a little black suit, the one with the pencil skirt, to my entirely technical presentation. And surely, I'll charm them all; my project will be approved.
Later that day, my sweetheart will laugh at me as I drape the scarf over his face to entice him to come upstairs with me. Too obvious? I'll ask. No, it's charming, his reply.

Nancy B.

I think the pocket square could be fashioned into a bracelet, slipping on one of my vintage broochs or rings before knotting. I like "jewelry" that no one else would consider jewelry, and have used vintage, flea-market pieces in different ways before. One of my favorite pieces pairs a beautiful vintage brooch with a pale blue center with an odd-shaped triangle scrap of pale blue leather (from dressmaking). Gotta love Covent Garden on a Saturday! I am sure I could find a suitable brooch or ring from my collection.


My work is all about stripping things down to their underpinnings. On Valentine's Day, I start a new job. I can't think of a better way of covertly signalling what I'm all about to my new colleagues (or at least to those of them with an interest in semiotics) than by wearing this, and giving my students a reading from a desirous story, most difficult to tell ; )


I'd wear it at work. As we sell rulers and other protractable items in store, I think it would be fitting for an ecommerce role at Cass Art x


Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment! A difficult decision but I'm giving the scarf to Christine Granquist - who could resist an ex-showgirl?

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