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October 15, 2012


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they look like grilled pigsfeet...


They are pigs' trotters. I had an idea that split pea soup and trotters went together (don't know why I knew that) and a quick search shows they do. *Shudder*



They look like they've been taken out after and deep-fried with some sort of crispy coating (if you've ever eaten out in France you'll know that croustillant/e is the most frequently-used adjective on any menu). I have date deep fried duck neck in a Chinese restaurant once and it was delicious. Looks kind of similar...


The Cuisine de Meuh photographer has a real gift for making things look as unappetising as possible. Quite refreshing, in a way...


I think part of the effect comes from the cards having spent 30 years fading gently in a French holiday villa. Have to admit the clinical white-tile background on this one is particularly spooky.


I am immune to the horrors of pig's trotters, thanks to years spent in rural Spain. The thick pea soup, on the other hand, was lunch every day when I was a child. Every. Single. Day. Brrrrrrr!

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