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June 04, 2012


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Kathrine Jensen

Wow, what a fabulous poster. Would look great on my wall, fingers crossed!

Richard Barnett

Would love to have been in the balloon as you drew this (though in reality I'd have been on the floor, whimpering, with my eyes closed) ...


Sadly the balloon flight was only a flight of fancy - standard practice for illustrators. I can't tell you the number of exciting places/people I've drawn that I've never actually encountered... (Can even bring a poster along tomorrow if you like)


Delightful poster. I covet it. I particularly like the way the bird's-eye view means you can include all the architectural highlights without having to deal with the knotty aesthetic problem of the less picturesque sector of the student populace disporting themselves in the traditional, but unappealing manner, throwing up in gutters, throwing themselves off bridges, etc. Do they still keep up with the Ways of their Forebears, or has it all been banned now?


Beautiful poster! I really do with I could spend more time in Oxford. There is nothing quite like picking up a book from Blackwells and sitting down by the Isis for a read.

Kelley Swain

How lovely! If I'm lucky enough to get one, I'd gladly get it from you in person... :D xx


...only if I can come to Brugess to deliver it.

Could everyone who has asked for a poster so far please email me with their address and to discuss easiest payment method? It's badaude at aol dot com. Thanks!


Oh and, Anastasia, they do try but after years of a far too heavy police presence - designed to keep 'jumpers' away from Magdalen Bridge - Oxford City Council has relaxed security thanks mostly to the negotiations of the wonderful Simon Chatterton (http://www.simonchatterton.co.uk/) with no perceptible increase in student idiocy. Far more fun was had last year when we did this: http://badaude.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/05/may-morning-ii.html

DBC Reed

Dying to get something coloured from you.Here's hoping.

Nancy Thompson

I do love your work!

Marcus Bishop

Is it too late? That poster would make my apartment at least ten times cooler, and might even make *me* cooler as well. By association, I suppose. And of course, I'm a huge fan, love your work, etc, etc.


Your work always brings a smile to my old face!
One of your maps was at our side as we strolled around Paris!


I absolutely must get myself a disembodied head on a stick.


I'd really like one of these posters if still available!




I'd love one too if I'm not too late..

james harrison

Love the whole design aesthetic - would love to do a book with you and just a shame I missed out on the poster (or did I ???)


Do you have my book, London Walks? I get asked fairly frequently to do an Oxford version. Email me if you'd like to meet: badaude at aol dot com


So, where have the posters fallen in the list of Comments? It is a gorgeous thing and would be a wonderful reminder of visits there and a constant prompt to get planning for a return - something I really want (didn't get to finish my project at the Bodleian in October - had only two days).


Well I haven't given all the posters away yet because some of the people who left comments haven't contacted me about payment. My ****up probably - I may not have been sufficiently clear about it but IF YOU STILL WANT A POSTER PLEASE EMAIL ME TO ARRANGE, EVERYBODY! badaude at aol dot com. First come, first served...


Have sent email but it may have got lost in the ether. Will have to be bank transfer because PayPal hates me.


I am way below the 10 mark but think they are gorgeous anyway.


Thought I was within the gap of 10 - even have a PayPal account - but, didn't receive an email.


Oooops! Should check my email more often. :-)
Payment has been sent.


Thanks to everyone who paid - I've just sent all the posters off and I'm cleaned out for this year!

Kathrine Jensen

Got my poster in the mail yesterday, thanks! It is lovely, I especially like the flower border and the choristers at the top of the great tower, though the star is of course the Bodleian library.


Just noticed your fabulous poster at the bus stop in St Aldate's. Have you produced more copies this year and, if so, do you have any available to buy?


Hi I really love this poster, like the comment above, I saw it at a bus stop on the Cowley Road. If possible I would also love to purchase a copy??


If you'd like a copy please email me for details. I don't have copies myself but can put you in touch with Oxford City Council who might have some left.


I've tried to get some copies from the council with no luck but have made a limited edition print - details here. Let me know if you'd like one.


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