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May 15, 2012


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Love this!


I have always wanted to visit - any of Pablo Neruda's houses in Chile. Almost my favourite poet - how can you not love a man who once wrote an Ode to the Tomato? At Isla Negra, where his bedroom window was so positioned that he could watch ships appearing over the Pacific horizon without getting up, he ordered the doorways built to a particularly narrow pattern, on purely aesthetic grounds, even though in his later years (as a true poet and a man of unmoderated appetites in many directions, he grew in corporeal girth as well as poetic stature as the years passed) - he must have experienced some difficulty getting THROUGH them. Notwithstanding, I think the house I would most like to see is La Chascona, in Santiago, which was built for the last love of his life, Mathilde (for whom he also wrote some exceptionally Hot verse...). "La Chascona" is a Chilean slang expression which roughly translates as "Woman having a Bad Hair Day"...


I’ve always wanted to visit the Paris home of James Baldwin. In his writing, you can feel the influence of his moving from New York to Paris. Baldwin captured an important time in American history while living as an expatriate in France.

As an American living in London, I love walking around and spotting the blue plaques. I always take a minute to read them as I pass. It’s exciting when it’s a writer you enjoy (Orwell, Christie, Woolf, Dickens...) I also snap a picture when it’s an event or person I’m not familiar with for a google search later. There’s lots of history where that Nandos now sits :)


I want to visit Simone de Beauvoir's first digs and sit on her divan (one of the things she's always wanted without quite knowing what it was and probably the first piece of furniture she bought). I think it was above a cafe somewhere in Paris.

I would also like to visit Georges Sand's chateau where Chopin used to stay. There's nothing sexier than when two geniuses collide.

Nancy Thompson

I've been to the Bronte parsonage - took wonderful photos in the graveyard. :-) I've visited the houses of at least 8 author's homes in the UK, maybe more - Bronte, Jane Austen, E.B. Benson, Thomas Hardy, Keats, Dickens, Hogarth, Beatrix Potter (in the Lake District) - and Yeats, in Ireland. U.S.: Kate Chopin (Louisiana), off the top of my head - will stop there. Love doing these things - want to know where they lived, when/how they wrote, etc.

I've always wished I could visit Nancy Mitford's apartment in Paris (doubt it's open to the public)- heck, I'd just love to get to Paris. Mitfords, period - i.e., Debo (Deborah Mitford Cavendish), the Duchess of Devonshire - the younger sister who is still living. Can't think of any other homes right now, maybe with more time...

Nancy Thompson

Forgot about Shakespeare's birthplace.


I've always wanted to visit Mark Twain's House Museum. I'm intrigued by his works that's why and perhaps part of his inspiration was his home and maybe I could get a glimpse of that.

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I’ve always desired to check out the London house of Wayne Baldwin. In his composing, you can experience the effect of his going from New You are able to to London. Baldwin taken an essential amount of time in United states record while residing as an expatriate in Italy.


Mt. Pleasant Oregon for me. I'd like to see what's left of the bus and pay homage to Ken Kesey.

A Facebook User

You are incredible, Is your gift God given with blood sweat and tears or do you have an art back ground also? I would love to know. I so would love to win your map a dream of mine is to really learn about the culture and the writers, museums and such there

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Let me try yet a third time Julie Monroe ourredtrucktravels@hotmail.com goes with the previous post


Thanks so much: 'pologies it's such a bother!

Nancy Thompson

Marlon: Mark Twain's house in Hartford CT is a fabulous house - one of the most interesting author houses I've visited. Google that up and you'll find some great photos.

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