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March 16, 2012


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Another awesome illustration, and I have M.I.A latest song 'Bad Girls' on heavy rotation. Seems to be a fitting choice for the occasion!

If I had to nominate a woman I'd choose Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun who is to this day the only female painter on permanent display at the National Gallery in London.

Lebrun was Marie-Antoinette's official portraitist, and she painted all the 'socialites' of her day, from Madame de Stael to all the Princesses and courtiers at Versailles (Princesse de Lamballe, Duchesse de Polignac, Madame DuBarry, etc.)

Just before the height of the revolution - or shall I say the guillotine! - she fled to Italy and Greece, Grand Tour-style avoiding thus the Terror, and after a stint in Russia she made it to London where she ended up painting Lady Hamilton. Several years later, she was able to return to France.

It's quite an eventful story full of drama, as you can gather, and I am still surprised that there hasn't been any celebration of her work in recent years. To most people, she is still very much unknown, and it's a bit of shame.

Have a nice weekend,


Tiffany M.

I adore M.IA. and I adore this series! It seems like I missed the deadline to enter this contest but in case you still have a spare set of postcards around, I will throw my hat in the rink with crossed fingers.

In terms of famous people, I would definitely have to pick my favorite writer and one of Britain's own, Zadie Smith, as one of the women who inspire me most. Zadie Smith is a relentlessly critical, bold thinker whose fiction weaves together varied voices into a tapestry that covers the range of human experience, while never losing her sense of humor.

I find her critical essays to be particularly lovely. Her writing resonates with me in a visceral and also intellectual way. I love her way of thinking, of interacting with the world, of responding to art, literature, and culture both high and low with fully present and holistic intelligence. She is personal and objective and humble and passionate and so, so smart. She is my sister and I love her.


Thanks so much for contributing a comment even after the competition is closed. Sadly I already decided a winner and only have one set of cards to give away - though I keep on thinking of women I'd like to add to the list too...

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