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March 15, 2012


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Gwen John is Welsh, but has London connections. I would also nominate Finnish supergenius Tove Jansson. What couldn't that woman do!

Paris Karin (an alien parisienne)

Oh love this choice as an inspiring woman! So many have found her to be just that, and for good reason. I really love your drawing depicting the major events of her life who made her who she was -- the colors in this one are wonderful and such a nice homage to Kahlo's cultural background and works!

I still don't know whichinspiring woman I would choose, especially from the UK. I'm fascinated by a lot of people. Inspiration is a tough one, though. It would probably have to be an author. There are the usual suspects from the UK such as Jane Austen, or the Brontës.

Okay -- I was just searching online about women writers of hte UK, and I have found a British (and Irish) woman whose writing and scholarship I admire a lot: Lady Antonia Fraser. I'm inspired by the amount and quality of work she's done as an author.

But if I had to choose any woman who has inspired me in life, I probably would have to go ahead and write "my grandmother." :)


Ahem, Ceri Richards - bloke, I'm afraid. Like Lynn Chadwick. I think his middle name may have been Gerald. (Ceri, not Lynn). But how about Leonora Carrington? Remedios Varo? Niki de St Phalle? Paula Rego? Helen Chadwick? (No relation...) Loads of scope, and plenty of good stories. Keep on keeping on...


Duh I'm such an idiot! True, and thanks.


You're very welcome! What can I say? As the socially illiterate child of sixties Bohemians, I spent my formative years sulking in an attic surrounded by mouldering back issues of "Studio International", instead of going out and meeting people. John Berger was my imaginary friend. It's nothing to be proud of, really...


(Until I was in my teens I used to think Joan Miro was a girl...)


And how about that Grande Dame of Impressionism, Camille Pissaro? Don't let the enormous bushy beard fool you, that was just an Obvious Front...


And Jean Dubufet? I think we have to do more to uncover the *undiscovered women of art*.


Quite. Jan Vermeer? (Bit of a giveaway here - how many MEN would devote quite so much attention to getting the colour of the curtains JUST right...?)

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