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February 29, 2012


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Kelley Swain

Of course, I'd wear the pocket square on my wrist when showing my international guests around London using LondonWalks! How stylishly themed... ;)


Awww. Such expert sucking-up to me. And so early in the morning too!

Lisa Gerard

Ooh! This scarf is so, so lovely! Hmm, aside from wearing it everywhere, I would most definitely wear it to my academic interview for doctoral studies!

Tom Herrington

Well I wouldn't wear it, but my mum would on the 18th March (Mothers day), she look grand.


I will wear the oversized one on my neck trailing down my back while dancing tango as I have done with other scarfs. I love seen the scarf floating while dancing.


I'll wear it tied to my bag as I travel around on the tube for maximum exposure.

Rachel Samuel

I'd wear it as a bracelet saw a lot of pics of people wearing them for #LFW, or tied to my handbag.
Loving the londoners scarf on the e-shop.

Deb Price

I would wear it in a bow round the coller of my shirt when I go to London for a day out devoted to pleasure!

Ms Boyce

I don't live in London so what better way to advertise the diversity of the capital than to wear the pocket square in my hair as I go about my travels!

Nancy Thompson

I'll share this on Facebook, tagging my British friends, and hope to have my name in the hat competition - would love to have this for my next visit to London.

I would not have thought of wearing it on my wrist but do like that idea - and would probably run it through one of my vintage brooches I've picked up in flea markets when I'm in England (Rye, Brighton, Greenwich, Covent Garden - love 'em!). I have one such brooch that is on a triangular scrap of blue-dyed leather (Covent Garden) - but, it's secured with a narrow blue satin ribbon that keeps coming undone. So, there - I have the brooch ready. Yea! Sincerely, Nancy, in Amherst MA

Maria S.

I would wear the scarf tied around my neck to keep out the chill on rainy days and cool nights in L.A. (Yes, we have weather!) I may be doing something totally mundane such as picking my daughter up at swim practice, but with this scarf tucked into my beige trench, navy wool pea coat or even jeans jacket, I'll be adding a little international panache to my work-a-day routine.


The scarf looks fab! As expected!

I'd love to frame the handkerchief and put it up on the wall.



Mary Healey

Beautiful and love that you used a universal color...turquoise. I would wear it tied around my neck when wearing my black dress...a nice little pop of color and a nod across the pond. Yes, I live in the USA...in the mitten state of Michigan.

Best of Luck, Mary

Karen Scammell

I shared http://www.facebook.com/kscammell/posts/376992892324312

I would wear as a bracelet


I don't want to advertise nothing. I would only be cool with this cool scarf everywere where there are cool people able to observe my cool scarf. I really like it!


This is an amazingly intricate scarf--I can think of so many outfits I would wear it with! It would also look great framed and on my wall, don't you think?! ;-)

Paris Karin (an alien parisienne)

Margaret has the great idea of framing and putting it on the wall -- that's what I was thinking of as I read the post and comments! It would inspire me to get to work and make some more dough so that I can hop on the Eurostar, get to London and have a good look-round at the things I have not seen in a couple of decades. The wrist idea is a great one, too! It is a pocket square, however. So maybe I would go "old school" and stick it attractively in a pocket. Of a blazer. It would be a good excuse for me to buy one! ;-)

Tweeting, etc. now.


So lovely! I would wear it every time I miss London, so a lot. Cheers!


I'd wear it everytime I go shopping, so everyone can see:)


To work. I'd wear it to work and I like the idea of wearing it on my wrist so that, even while I'm crawling around on the floor with a 3-year old, pretending to feed plastic food to a toy pig, clapping with over-the-top joy as the 3-year old correctly inserts a shape into the shape-sorter, and just generally looking like a 3-year old myself (to the bemusement of parents who bring their 3-year olds to me for speech/language correction and assumed the SLP-client interaction would be somehow more sophisticated), I could glance at my wrist and be reminded that, outside of my therapy room, exists a bright, beautiful world full of ... adults. Adults who can stand in Piccadilly Square and look up at the statue of Eros and not, not, have to worry about whether or not a 3-year old client just swallowed the plastic cherries!


I would wear it whilst scoffing fish and chips at St.Ives, my favourite place in the whole wide world. (I would take great care not to dip it in any vinegar though!)
It would make the most beautiful fending-off-the-killer-seagulls accessory!

Bella Hughan

As an expat in rural Canada, I would wear it to work, so it would bring some British cheer to my patients and I think it would instantaneously make them feel better with the great colours and illustration. It would be nice wrapped around my stethoscope!


Lovely ideas! I know the killer St Ives seagulls a little too well. Keep 'em coming!


Ooh! This scarf is so, so lovely! I will wear the oversized one which Muslim women wear to cover their hair.


I would wear it whilst continuing my exploration of Québec this year! No doubt, my fashionable students would take notice, if they're not on strike...


There have been two things on my wish list for awhile now (1) getting a lassie-type dog which I would name Rodrigo and (2) traveling to London - the closest I have been is a layover at Heathrow when retunring from Greece. I have recently gotten the dog, and I would wear the scarf while walking him in the dog park and planning my London vacation.


i would wear it in all different ways and i would wear it all the time so everyone can see it and i will definatly mention age of scarves:)

michelle w

I would wear it in the summer on a hot day to leave the hair out of my face. I would have a white dress on with sandals

בריכות נוי

Amazing scarf design!! I like it. This headscarf is so lovely! Aside from dressed in it everywhere, I would most definitely use it to my educational appointment for doctorate studies!

Ane Marie

This is such a quirky, lovely, beautifully detailed scarf. My kids would want to color in the black line illustration on this pocket square, so I'd have to wear it as far away from textas as possible...in my hair.

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