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January 18, 2012


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Tree Surgeons in London

The illustrations made me laugh, Great post thank you.

DBC Reed

You could stain the whole garment with the original staining agent ensuring a uniform effect.I appear to have done this with one side of a jacket creating a barely pliable surface. I would really like to know how to deal with glue as this is likely to be the origin of this problem.


I'm not sure glue quite counts as a 'stain' as doesn't alter the colour of the jacket, merely the texture. I suppose the only thing is to apply glue all over the jacket, which will make it look more uniform, though you may not be able to move your arms...

Paul Tieman

Absolutely one of your best drawings!


aw thanks!

DBC Reed

It has altered the colour of the jacket: this is how I noticed it.Then prodding revealed the change of texture.As one of the arms is badly affected, I will try glueing the other to see if this evens things up.I don't like the jacket that much.Fortunately.


Why not try applying something to the glue (on both arms)? How about a 'cuff' of greengrocer's plastic grass or doily or something? Let me know if it works.

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