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September 30, 2011


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Hello, have liked and tweeted about the giveaway so please enter me into the draw!


Of course I will! Thanks so much for being the first...


Hello, I'm on board for this one. The prints look stunning!

alison salmon

I'll be watching for more updates, love your pics x


Link posted on Facebook, love your London book and the pictures.


I've liked you on FB and shared you on my FB profile. That was not too hard to do - in return for some gorgeousness! Thanks.

gina @letterandline

I tweeted and tumbled. Love the South Kensington print. So funny, I stayed in South Ken in April. Fell in love with the V&A museum....


Sign me up! I usually don't win things. This is almost certainly correlated with the fact that I never sign up for them either. Nonetheless, I'd like to portray myself as the victim of a cruel world that never doles out the cool stuff to me, and one of those prints would change all that!


Thanks so much everyone!

(but Marcus, what if I did pick you? think of how it might imbalance your entire worldview!)


Hi there, I have tweeted as well about your give-away. Next time you are in London you should come visit the British Museum - I am one of the volunteers there.

Have a nice weekend, and hope the scarves will be unveiled soon!


y. / @ypldn


Badaude, I posted a link to this on my FB page. Years ago I spent time in London, and walking its streets was the best thing about my stay there! These days I can't afford a trip back. A print of ANY of your London walks -- from South K's neoclassical tube station to the backwards-running clock on King's Road near a former gallows (close to what was once a drinking establishment appropriately called the World's End Pub) -- would be proudly and nostalgically displayed here in northeast Georgia, USA, both as art and reminder of London's wonder and variety.


I would be more than prepared to deal with consequences! Nonetheless, being that I get to come to London almost every year, I think that the girl in Georgia is more deserving than I am. And for that matter, the British Museum Volunteer probably deserves it more than I do as well. But the rest of the participants are going to have to wrestle me for it!

web design London

I stayed in South Ken in April. Fell in love with the V&A museum...I posted a link to this on my FB page. Years ago I spent time in London, and walking its streets was the best thing about my stay there..


Thank you, thank you everyone who's entered so far! Keep them coming (and Marcus, nice to see you fighting your corner...)


Posted a link on my twitter! I'd be happy with anything of yours... And it would make my currently-bare room in my new flat so much more inviting!


I'm @heritageCreate, and i've tweeted a link to your page, specifically the World Zombie Day map!! I'm so excited to go! And I also love your city girl illustrations...very cool :-)

Paris Karin (an alien parisienne)

I've done it all! (already had you "Liked" and added everywhere, but added the Tate to places I follow!). I tweeted the following: http://twitter.com/#!/pariskarin/status/121884130827976704

My tweets post to my Facebook page as well. Just to cover my bases, I'm going to Google+ now.

And someday, someday I *promise* I'm getting London Walks, the book, as I have expressed to you before. I have to wait for the perfect alignment of finances and opportunity to line up, and my preferred method will be to order from you directly via PayPal so I can hopefully score a signed copy. I was given an Amazon.fr certificate recently though, and it is there, too, I believe. I may break down and order it online SOON.

Headed to the Zombie Map post now, so I can tell you there how much I like it. :)


Aw thanks! Truly grateful.

Incidentally I think the Tate have now sold out (again) of signed copies of my book. Comma Shop have some currently (click on the link in my left sidebar to contact them)

Sally Yeomans

Posted, loved, liked and lusted after. Tweeted, promoted and extolled your artistic virtues to followers. WISH I could make it this weekend, but doing battle with tarantulas and other venomous beasts tomorrow - PROMIS!
a mardi. Will send you my mobile number via twitter. Bon weekend x


aw thanks! Tarantulas?


Fingers crossed - and tweets posted. Absolutely love your illustrations


i want one! found out about your work only ten days ago. liked your page. and now this...serendipity!


Too kind! I see you're with RCW - so am I (more serendipity). Maybe we'll meet at one of their Christmas parties...


Thanks for the post, This was exactly what I needed to see.Good work, keep up the good work

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