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July 21, 2011


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The cake tardis, I love that! It's like your short stay happened in the Twilight Zone.

Lola Is Beauty

That sudden drop sign makes it look like a really fun thing to do! And every grim coastal town should have a cake tardis.


I was weirdly tempted by the sudden drop, as Lauren can tell you...

DBC Reed

Sounds like Southwold: its supposed to be up-market compared with Great Yarmouth and everywhere else.Amber is said to wash up on the beach but it never does.The trip round the Adnams brewery has its enthusiasts but I never went.That kind of place really.Once popular with artists drawn by the abject poverty and consequent low rents.


I decline to confirm or deny the location.

It certainly wasn't low-rent in any sense of the word. Maybe it's easier to forgive places that are (although the food was categorically high-end, for which, at the time, I was very grateful).


Loved this (even if you may not have entirely enjoyed the experience)... I read Rings of Saturn a few months ago and judging from your experience I think it's safe to say that Sebald got the spirit of the place right even if he was an unreliable narrator!

(I think the cake Tardis should be introduced into all future episodes of Dr Who. Are you reading this, Steven Moffat...?)

DBC Reed

So it was Southwold!
Definitely not low-rent now ( more snobbish). The low-rent era was way back in the time of Philip Wilson Stear (?) ,the so called English Impressionist, and Emerson the very stagey photographer .Stanley Spencer went there too.Your record of the place is better

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