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March 07, 2011


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Oh, that is going to be so amazingly cool. What an incredible way to dress up a SNF, which, yes, tend to be depressing. Oh, maybe SNF (skilled nursing facility) is an American term. What are they called in England?


Thanks so much for your kind comment. The Wellcome is actually a big medical library and exhibitions centre - the medical things that go on there are strictly theoretical!


Hope this isn't a silly question, but I'm assuming the drawing comes down after the 20th? I ask because I won't get to London until the 30th, and am hoping against hope that it will still be up when I arrive...


Yes it'll be down by 30th. So sorry you won't get to see it...


Oh! I feel silly. Of course, you were sketching at the Sobell to use at the Wellcome.

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