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March 21, 2011


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DBC Reed

Find it hard to visualise Chanel doing any shopping (presumably this is what she means by"marketing" ),so her advice is a tad academic.I'm surprised she did n't design a special shopping suit leaving hands and arms free to load up her attendant male trotting obediently behind to carry stuff and pay.


Hmmm - though I won't say she liked to pick out her own potatoes, Chanel did champion practical features in women's clothing - like patch pockets, and trousers. Maybe you're thinking of the post-war Chanel - she of the hobble-skirted sack suit - who seems a completely different animal from the designer of the 20s.

DBC Reed

You're probably right: I am thinking of the post-war Chanel but its hard to find any era when she did n't have some rich geezer in tow.Quite why did the American press do so much to rehabilitate her after the War? There seems to have been a joint effort to boost Paris at the time: Edith Piaf got some very good press in the US post-war;she hardly needed it: Les Trois Cloches which she sang on her post-war US tour was her best song IMO (on YouTube).The Americans pinched it later.

Coquette (Elisabeth)

I love this sketch. None of us are getting younger and it's lovely to see inspiring women like this!


Hey, Coquette, I just discovered http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com. (They should have been there to shoot her). And if I could find a hat like that, I'd buy it in a second.

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