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March 16, 2011


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adele geras

It was super to read this in the paper! Good on you....wish we could have seen your face a bit, though. But I can understand why you wouldn't necessarily be wanting that...


Oh thanks. Wish you could be here to see it.

Actually the Wellcome took a lot of photos of me face-on standing in front of the work. I look like a bit of a melon standing in front of it like it was a prize marrow (if that makes sense in any way) but that's ok 'cause they took lots of lovely photos of me working too. You can hunt them down on Flickr if you feel inclined.

adele geras

will have a look and see if I can find them....is there a link? Do send it to me if there is....I think you have my email!


So glad you posted a link to the Flickr stream! Wonderful photos of an amazing project! I can understand the symbolism of a transient art installation (especially on the topic of death and dying) but it pains me to think of it being scrubbed down. I pity the poor worker who had to do it; I know I couldn't've!


I pity them too but for more practical reasons: I hope it isn't too difficult to get off!


Have only just seen the flickr set - wonderful! I love how you manage to look outrageously elegant, in your (fake?) Isabelle Marant boots and your spotless jacket, whilst painting in public, which must count as one of the scarier things that life can throw at you. Looks amazing - only sorry i didn't see it in person.


They're imitations! (the Marant boots). Also, unless it makes you feel too disillusioned, you might like to know my jeans are held up with a safety pin...

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