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January 17, 2011


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Expat Stu

Photo absolutely required.


Keep! Very elegant, and just the right amount of shiny. But you've gotta love it. Do you?


I say keep. Love the cut of it -- almost vintage looking. However, I have to agree with Sam. If you don't love it, you won't wear it. Forget about us -- find the love or get rid of it.


Does it look good on you? Does it make you feel fabulous? Then keep it; I think it's the best jumpsuit cut I've seen! Does it make you feel self-conscious (even if you know it looks fab)? Will it be in the back of your mind throughout the whole event? Then take it back. But that's just my opinion....


I veer between Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and Michael Jackson the moon walk years!


very interesting! it will be too much with shiny high heel shoes, too much pink blush and an exploded haircut. otherwise, it could be a cool modern outfit. PS: I would tell you if I would consider it horrible!


A Mr (or possibly Ms)Fred Metcalfe also wrote me a private message saying, 'Not with those ankles.'

It's kind of too late to protest that my ankles are one of my better features, though my drawing hand might have been a bit off yesterday.

I'm still considering the shine factor of the fabric plus other unfortunate cultural references: garage mechanic? Joan Jett? Princess Leia gone over to the dark side?

Rachel Merrill

I think you'll have to suck it up and give us a photo of you in it for a better informed opinion. Otherwise, I love it.


Yuk, will make your bottom look awful.

Expat Stu

We really need a photo to confirm or counteract the above comment.


OK someone just asked me to do a photoshoot in March so I'll wear it and post the result. Deal?

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