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January 14, 2011


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Haha, you have good taste. I once listened to all the versions available of everybody loves my baby!


There are some pretty bad versions out there. I blame MWAB (men who adore blues). I've tried to exclude most of them. I love the jaunty versions by Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong: there's nothing like a sad song sung like you don't mean it...


Did that include a version by The Triffids?
Living in Australia, we can't get Spotify. This thing you speak of is a mystery.


No don't. Will go and listen to it right away!

You don't have Spotify in Australia? How do you live?

You could try We7 but it's not as good...

Cheap Shopping

Cutiee one drawing, cut lines are not as much solid. Color scheme is nice..


Not even any serious talk of Spotify in Australia.


I was going to erase 'Cheap Shopping's comment as the spam it no doubt is, but it's so charmingly expressed that I'm delighted to receive it...

DBC Reed

I once got totally hooked on "Miss Otis regrets".To make matters worse I started buying vintage versions on 78's. I am not even going to listen to St James Infirmary on Spotify as I know I'll slip again.
BTW as a postscript to your notes on cookery books I would recommend Soyer's "Paper Bag Cookery" which has just been re-published: it is a classic quest book in which Soyer seeks to overcome the persistent taste of burnt paper bags in his search for the ideal mode of cooking for the masses.


Fascinating. Sounds eco and beats heating up a can up over the stove.

I haven't read Soyer's book but I do sometimes cook Elizabeth David's pheasants in paper cases: semi-roast the pheasant; take it out of the oven and cut it into two pieces down the breastbone; cut two large heart shapes from greaseproof paper (cute and also more or less the same shape as half a pheasant when folded); butter each heart on one side; place the 1/2 pheasant on one side of the heart; fold the other half over and twist the edges of the paper so the pheasant is enclosed (looks a bit like a sideways cornish pasty); put it back in the oven for 15 mins and it comes out steamed with all the juices preserved. A very good way to cook a slightly tough bird.

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