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December 17, 2010


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Saw your Shakespeare & Co windows today. They look great!


I'm a Parisian at least once a year for at least a month and when it snows (my usual month is December) I head for Angelina's on rue de Rivoli for hot chocolate.

DBC Reed

How's Paris dealing with any Eurostar delays?In London they've got people queuing for hours OUTSIDE St Pancras in the snow.


A friend of mine queued for 3 hours at (inside, I think) Paris Nord this morning - but did finally get a train which is a big improvement on last year.

DBC Reed

St Pancras' queues have disappeared apparently.But no explanation why they appeared in the first place.Rumours of last year's icing up recurring ;some stories of trains just going very slowly.There's obviously some problem they're not being very up front about.


Flat lace-up boots are fine, says this Parisienne: they should be less riot grrl than Doc Martens and less prissy than Victorian lace-ups. With all the snow we've had, and the fact that the city of Paris finds salting the sidewalks not worth their time, the boots have to able to stand up to ungodly amounts of ice and slush.


Very true - Parisian boots steer a careful line between blocky and delicate. In fact shoe styles of any kind are never extreme, despite what you see on the pages of Paris Vogue. When I first came to Paris I couldn't believe how cool and sophisticated the Parisian mid-height heel looked in a year when the fashion was for f*ck-me shoes - and how it was almost impossible to find styles like that anywhere else in Europe and, perhaps, the world...

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