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December 15, 2010


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Hurray! Great post :D


Loved this!

DBC Reed

As to the Freudian point; some girls would do anything rather than reveal what's in their handbags. I am not sure I believe your somewhat rational collection either: no doorknobs,hand grenades ,lettuces ?
I seem to remember a debate about watches. You said you did n't have one.So how ARE you telling the time?


Public clocks. Feel. Also unfashionable phone. And the only other disgusting thing I forgot to mention is lumps of putty eraser (looks a bit like used chewing gum) in either bag.


I think this proves once and for all that the Doctor's TARDIS is inspired by women's handbags - they're both bigger on the inside than on the outside! ;) Mine is currently filled with an unseemly number of receipts and other bits of paper (mostly from the post office)... your post just might inspire (or guilt-trip) me to do something about that.

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