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December 06, 2010


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I wish I could see this in person! The white cheek--you know, it's kind of funny but I suppose it would be tiresome to see it on a daily basis:)

Expat Stu

Très chouette. How long is it going to stay up?


Takes 'rear window' to a whole notha level...Bravo!


Oh! I liked it better before. I udnerstand Sylvia's hesitation but if you're going to put a hairy ass in your window might as well go whole hog.


It did seem kind of wrong to leave him with just one at first. I think the other problem was that one cheek blocked the display of a particularly big Chrismas book...


Looks good from here... I'll get over in the next few days to take a closer look, though. Bravo...



This is FANTASTIC - what a lucky and talented woman you are to be able to do this! Deeply envious.


awww - too kind!

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