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October 04, 2010


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oh my, I cannot wait to see your drawing :D But if you draw her ugly, I'll be offended. haha. You must call her "Fleurette's twin" or something!

Expat Stu

There's a 2-second pan across your lovely murals in the video embedded herein:

I'm tempted by the contest but I'm already published.


Is this where you finally reveal you're really Phillip Roth?

Thanks for the mention. I just discovered I'm also on the Festival and Company website, which shows photos from the literary festival in June. Was I snapped reading? No... I'm, erm, drinking champage in and 18th century hotel particulier, with fellow-blogger, writer and critic, Maitresse... http://tinyurl.com/36ppk7r

Expat Stu

and don't you both look cute, indeed.

No no, I'm far kinder to my women than that Roth bastard. Also my books are all non-fic.

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