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October 15, 2010


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michelle @ pretty mommy

These were all so cool and entertaining!! Love visiting fashion week vicariously through you ;)


Wearing a fur coat in Paris takes all the wind out of the argument that fashion is about smarts. Indulgence sadly seems to trump all.


gosh i hate you if you saw coco sumner!!she's so inspiring and i wasn't lucky, i was in paris one day before she came there... I really like your blog badaude though :) (I'm french so sorry for the miserable english)


Michelle, thanks so much, and congratulations on your news!

Fred, I guess it could have been fake but probably not. Even from the distance of the standard class queue, you can usually tell.

Maniamaline. I'm still not sure it was her, though it certainly looked like her. I don't really know much about her but was interested later to read in an interview that she claims not to 'have much knowledge of fashion'... http://tinyurl.com/2vlcp3j

Expat Stu

Hrrrmmphh, she doesn't look that hot to me. You're sexier.



In a mac, and in a drawing, even. I'm flattered.

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I Luv everything related to fashion. That time fashion week had awesome collection. Every brand and designer had unique collection of everything, Really inspiring. I am anxiously waiting for February for new collection.

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