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July 28, 2010


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DBC Reed

Wait a minute ! Does this say what it appears to say: you don't have a watch?
Very impressive in an Easy Rider/Ghost Dog kinda way but....


Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so... and breakfast seems even more of a moveable feast.
No, I don't have a watch.

DBC Reed

Perhaps this is the use for your Shakespeare and Company canvas shopper:to carry items your strict personal codes forbid.I used to know a girl who carried a huge Captain Hook type alarm clock in a shopping -bag which she would consult de temps en temps to great effect.She must have done a sweep through the house in the morning collecting
items of possible use during the day because she would produce things from the bag and then stare at them with genuine wonder,including on one occasion a Daisy pop-out airpistol( which back then was a much more everyday item than nowadays).


Too heavy. When you think about the tent too...


Oh look...there's my sunflower:-0


Yay! Was it in the 'novel' category? Which title?

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