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April 19, 2010


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Expat Stu

Another famous one, US-side, that I'm aware of but didn't personally visit, is Drop City in Trinidad CO. I read up on it and did some editing of the wikipedia page.


Drop City always looked very interesting place - I read about it in a great book, whose title I've forgotten, that I found, serendipitously, in the writer's studio at Shakespeare and Company. The buildings which, I believe, were mostly made from old car body parts should surely have some sort of legacy....

Expat Stu

Yes, the triangular panels of the geodesic domes were cut with axes from junk car-tops. They're all gone now, but there are plenty of photographs around. The only film I've ever seen is this piece:

DBC Reed

Suppose this Ruskin inspired community was another self-sufficient agriculture scheme.Pity that this is the stereotype.AFO records (All For One) ,a 60's co-operative organisation of black r'n'b musicians in New Orleans had a smash with Barbara George's "I Know" and is still going in some form.Nathaniel Hawthorne might have been better organisng something like United Artists where he had some control of his output than burying himself in the countryside with a hay-rake.

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