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January 04, 2010


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The adventure continues. It's intriguing that you never found out who paid the rent. Hmmmm

Expat Stu

Is there a missing ep? I see 2 references to a fire, but no explicit depiction of one.


(You had me worried for a moment) Try here http://tinyurl.com/yk7rv22

DBC Reed

Expat Stu is right .One episode did end in flames but it was n't clear on where or when.
Also am having trouble with this new character: the leopardskin coat,which looks like it will loom large.Off-putting to hay fever sufferers like myself and are n't faux furs more PC and, more to the point, chic? I was thinking of the magnificent faux fabrics worn by Inez of Inez and Charlie Foxx fame which can be found by looking up the duo's big hit Mockingbird on the Net,so faux you ca n't tell what animal they are supposed to imitate.


Instant reader response is one of the delights of telling a story through blogging. Re: the fire - if two of you aren't getting it maybe I'm being too subtle...

But the leopardskin coat has to stay. Apart from the fact that it's based on a real fur I have known (and I wouldn't like to betray either its former or original owner by converting it into acrylic) only a real leopardskin could have such impact - in real life or as a fictional device. And who's to say that impact necessarily has to be chic, PC or hypo-allergenic?


I want to add my voice in support of the leopardskin coat (oh dear, a vegetarian defending a fur coat...). The fact that it's a. real AND b. moth-eaten give it tremendous presence. I'm now wondering whether my first trip to Paris would have been different if I'd had said coat...

Expat Stu

Well, Rachel, it depends. Was your first Paris experience tooooo sexy, or not sexy enough?


Stu - well, if you put it that way, I'd have to say not enough. My first time in Paris was when I was interrailing, and it was also my first time ever travelling alone - and I wasn't much taken with the place! I found it grey, unfriendly and not particularly enchanting... hard to believe now, as I'm preparing to visit for the 21st time (sans leopardskin coat, needless to say).


Yes, Rachel, there's nothing nice or safe about glamour. Sooo interesting as I'm seeing so many of them this week in les soldes. Not real leopard, but definitely not fake fur either - usually some less glamourous creature dyed. Now what does that say about Paris?

I very much sympathize with your first view of Paris too. I think mine was coming up from the metro station at Saint Michel onto a traffic island surrounded by kebab shops.

DBC Reed

I have changed my mind (as per usual) on the second hand leopardskin. La Baduaude is the artist and what she says goes.However always depicting the truth is a tad limiting,is it not?
I realise my preoccupation with faux fabrics emanates from a long buried fascination with Inez Foxx (who must have invented soul singing surely).The idea of faux fabrics instantly summoned a clear image of this diva,without recourse to the Net which merely confirmed a suspiciously clear but subconscious memory.
However problems do remain with the fire narrative,though the arist's claim to be just too subtle is pleasingly high-handed.
Some links use the word "incendiary" which implies deliberate intent while other refer to "accidental fires".Textual indeterminacy is much appreciated but the straddle between these two different "signifiers" is very great.
The public is clearly calling for
an extra episode,perhaps contained in a flashback or flashbacks,which sorts out all these loose ends,or which give different psychologically-inflected versions ,so taking a holiday from realism.
In one of them ,the leopardskin coat could go up? Then it could miraculously re-appear (like the rent) Just kidding.

Expat Stu

Rachel -- sad. Glad you got over the initial disappointment.

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