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January 18, 2010


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I like the idea that the first glimpse of France for people coming from the UK is the Nord/Pas de Calais region, and that they of course find it wonderfully exotic. If the French could choose a region to present to visiting newcomers, this region would be about the last on the list!

But as you note, it's all about the tiny differences, such as the types of trees and the way they are planted and the colours of the roofs. My French friends talk of similar things when going to the UK, and how simple things such as a pub make the country feel a lot more exotic to visit than Spain or Italy.


I want more!


thanks so much! There will be another Paris story coming soon.

Adam, I now do Eurostar so often that sometimes I go to sleep and wake up and the only way I have to tell which side of the channel I'm on is the small details...


I love how you've composed the different locations in one piece. The train and surrounding fauna/foliage and your encounter w/the smoker.

Can't wait for more. This is better than a TV Soap Opera.

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