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December 03, 2009


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I got this in my Narrative e-mail this morning. I just wanted to say it's gorgeous and I love the combination of your story plus the illustrations (your ex-landlady and ex-flatmate sound v. interesting). And I can't wait to read more!


I like the way you incorporate colour. And, as always, you wrote a gripping story.


This is wonderful! More, please.
I hope you have a publisher, Badaude. This is a graphic novel memoir I would buy in a heartbeat.


Good to have a few guaranteed readers, if it ever happens!
I find colour really difficult, so like to work with it in a limited way, influenced by primitive printing (you see a lot of it on this very inspiring blog http://bibigreycat.blogspot.com/) when a limited range of colours were used or - even earlier - books which were printed then hand-coloured, again using just a few tones, like the 'twopence coloured' 19th century comics and toy theatres (http://tiny.cc/i8pqx) or William Blake's hand-coloured self-produced books (http://tiny.cc/WOIEf).

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