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October 12, 2009


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The beginning reminded me of something I read in Double Game by Sophie Calle where she secretly follows someone she met once at a party all the way to Venice. I like the idea of stalking people with interesting lives (in lieu of living more interestingly myself I guess).


I love Sophie Calle's work - an Amelie Poulain mix of shyness and exhibitionism: from taking a job as a stripper to hiding herself in other people's bedrooms as a chamber maid, not to mention the extraordinarily gleeful passive agression of Prenez Soin de Vous (http://tiny.cc/s7efc). Despite my interest, I'd never really made the connection with what I do, but I guess the common interest's there (and I'm sooo flattered by any hint of comparison). Thanks so much for pointing it out!


Oh, you too!

It's not just being in Paris either; when I read Garance Doré's blog or The Sartorialist, there's something about the photos of Parisians - almost regardless of their style, even whether I actually like their outfit, posture, whatever it is that pictures like theirs and yours capture so precisely and so ethereally - that makes me want to change my wardrobe, hair, behaviour, job ... You put it perfectly when you said 'makes me want her story instead of mine'.

I find myself racking my brains wondering 'what on earth *is* it' - and then realise if I knew the secret I'd be much richer and in a totally different line of work. :)


(PS this is the same me who emailed once to say how much I love your blog - coming out of the woodwork finally to post a comment. I use my blogging address etc. to remind myself that I like blogging and should do it occasionally).

Coquette (Elisabeth)

Was going to say "how Sophie Calle of you" but I see I am beaten to the punch! I too like filling in the gaps on strangers, and I'm no stranger to spying: http://lacoquette.blogs.com/la_coquette/2005/06/2350_ros.html

But following is even better; when you follow, you get to somehow be that woman's double, if only for a moment.


Hey, Philippa, thanks for your comment and... blog more! If I only had your 'knitting med-student' material, though I don't know whether I could cope with it.
Coquette, I think your top stranger-spotting moment has to be here (3rd pic down) http://tiny.cc/DdogY. Only in Paris...

Coquette (Elisabeth)

Only in Paris indeed. I really couldn't believe that everyone kept crossing the street around me, and that a crowd didn't form to see what would unfold up there. All this spy talk has me thinking of La Vie des Autres, and also, have you seen Coppola's The Conversation? I've only seen excerpts but it's a great example of how interested we are when we see a conversation, but can't hear it, or must strain to hear it.


I know this feeling exactly! Great illustration.

Xenon HID

Nice post.I know this feeling exactly! Great illustration.

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