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May 04, 2009


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It seems to me that almost every waiter in Paris is the most "correct".


You may have something there: I've never come across one with an attitude that could be described as remotely 'casual'. How much coffee do you think they make them drink before they start a shift?

Expat Stu

Thanks for your sketches -- that's the second one I've seen of the Café de la Mairie. Much admired and appreciated.


I'm always happy to draw the Mairie...


Café de la Mairie, of course, is also the great stage for the loquacious Dr. O'Connor in D. Barnes' Nightwood. You must love. Your drawings are splendid, such fun to witness.


Oh yes, and can't wait for the rest of your story. Do tell. I was at Oxford also and now am in Paris. At New College. So, do continue...


a) Oh good - more soon. b) Yes I was virtually next door to you then - you Cyberjohnsons do get around a lot.

דלת כניסה

I have something here is never come across one with an mind-set that could be described as slightly casual.

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