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October 23, 2008


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La Belette Rouge

I love the literary poles of opposites that exist in your words and in the image:"the audacity of hope" and "all the sad young literary men". Your wealth of knoweldge vs. their wealth and lack of knowledge of Paris.

My favorite words of this piece:"There's so much of them. And everything about them is quality. Their fabrics are thick; their watches are chunky, their mobile phones and music devices are slim." That, Badaude, is good stuff.


Thanks. That's was the bit I enjoyed writing most. Let's just say that I'm good at 'product-envy'.


You just get better and better every time. A major gift of yours is your observant eye. Just as La Bellete Rouge said: "Good Stuff!"


Too kind, both of you.
And my thoughts with anyone voting this week (as long as it's for the right guy, obviously)...

Offenbach Stutz

So callow; so overflowing with unearned condescension. Blog on, while you still have friends to applaud your banality.

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