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September 17, 2008


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I despise lifts. Actually, I get claustrophobia in them. I'd be horrified if I ever had to enter the one you described.


Thank you for your lovely comment. I love reading about your adventures, and adore your drawing style.

By the way, black toilet paper?! Odd.


La Belette Rouge

Congrats on your top ten status. You have always been on my top 10 list.

And, not sure if I should congratulate you on your stay at the hotel for the rich and silly. I love how you recoil in horror in frame #1. Love it!


Thanks guys. FYI I opted for the black.
Bellette - good to see you back.


I don't know why, but I'm sending you emails and they all fail :(

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your great drawing. I L-O-V-E it! Also, I can't wait to read your thoughts on Paris fashion this Autumn ;)


I've just looked at your site - thanks SOOOO much for posting my random - and slightly odd - fashion thoughts!

La Belette Rouge

Badaude: Please come on over to my blog. I am holding the Ermine Awards and you have received a nod.


I'm honoured! I also just love awards ceremonies that take place at breakfast time on a Sunday. Enjoy those Mojitos with your cornflakes...


Badaude: I've been through a Hurricane since I read you last. A big one here in Houston and, because of that unhappy circumstance, I lost my electricity (which I have still not regained) and my internet connection (which happily I have). Now that I'm internet able once more, I start off with your blog and find this gem. Seems trite to say I loved it because enjoyed it so much more than just mere "love" but, I shall leave it at that and hope you understand my inability to tell you how good the writing and the imagery really are. The "call me Anglo-Saxon" paragraph was a special favorite. You are as ever, in top Badaude form.

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