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July 08, 2008


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I don't know what it is exactly, but even if one has gotten drunk and preserved a perfect sense of decorum despite that, the next day, shame sets in violently.


That's called a "Metaphysical Hangover" (See Kingsley Amis's indipensable 'On Drink' http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/04/books/04garner.html
Amis believed that the "Metaphysical Hangover" increases with the age of the drinker as the symptoms of the "Physical Hangover" diminish. Although, unlike KA, I don't usually polish off a bottle of scotch before lunchtime I'd just like to say, in my experience, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!


I love you. I love this post. I am hungover. It was ever so worth it.


You see! I'm right! You are suffering from a post-hangover feeling of bonhomie and wellbeing. I bet you're delighted with the whole human race right now.


Actually, I wasn't so delighted with everything and usually when I have a hangover I feel (very un-PC) retarded. Slow. And a bit out of sorts. I hoped no one would talk to me at work and no one would need to engage me for anything. But all of that was worth the night I spent drinking.


That's a reason the French call it 'gueule de bois' - as though your head has turned into a lump of wood. But you're younger than me. Believe me, it gets worse and lasts longer...


love that you bought a marant dress and then spayed tanned your legs to wear...especially under your then state...can i say you are beyond cool?! ;)


certainly - I often feel my relationship with 'cool' is somewhat distant.
And, without the fake tan, the grey speckle in the dress matches some kind of speckle in my legs creating an all-over wholesome and homely texture - woodchip wallpaper? bran porridge?

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