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July 21, 2008


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It's called Manzana, and it is LETHAL.


lovely and brilliant as always...I've spent precious little time in paris, but when I did, I was alone, and I most definitely ate enough for SEVERAL dates...


Maitresse - that somehow doesn't surprise me at all...


Oh oh oh, what a wonderful evening in Paris! I can't wait to feel the city's electricity again :)


What a great story. I'm sure the movie rights will be in demand.


Thanks for sharing this nice story! Here in my country people aren't so open minded and if you're a single woman in the city, in the evening...you're seen as being kind of desperate to get a date. :( And you loose the joy of having a good meal by your self...


I'm always amazed by how completely 'no pressure' dates turn up in Paris just when you need them. There must be a downside to all this undemanding flirting, but I'm darned if I've worked out what it is yet...


Charming men, white lightning, movie-set...you didn't swoon, though! You were supposed to swoon and be rescued!


sadly not something I'm good at - though I've tried a couple of times. Like your blog and will link to it.


The unexpected things of life are always better.

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