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June 15, 2008


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"Yes," I lied, emptying a cold coffee into a vase of wilting peonies, "I'm a keen gardener."--heheheh.
lovely...now i too learned a bit about plants..:)


Oh my! How utterly exquisite, I would love the zingerberaceae (had to go back three times to write that properly) even if you had drawn it lilliputian in size. And you know, you do the 'I don't know diddlysquat' like a true pro. So impressed with your deceptive skills and MAJORLY impressed with your incredible talent. I'd gush some more but I think I'll save the rest of the good adjectives I know for some other post of yours where your art is sure to wow me as much as this one.


Thanks so much! I'm just as delighted with praise for being good at lying as I am for being good at drawing...

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