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June 22, 2008


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Oooh this is rather intriguing you lucky thing :) Sounds fab


absolutely intriguing....and if you don't want to saty there anymore, i will gladly take your place...:) (ok and whatever your job is...i have offically declared myself as your assistant.. :)


I wish I knew that myself sometimes - though I'd love to have someone else carry my laptop bag all over Paris...
Have missed your posting, embrouillamini. Will you be back in the world of blog anytime soon. Tell me what's so exciting that it's keeping you away?


Ooooo, sounds very intriguing -- I guess your profession forbids you from sharing the secret boutique hotel with us, hmmmm?! Just kidding... Not that I'd ever be able to partake in it anyway! ;-)


I'd love to - but then I'd feel bad about all the stuff about 'ghosts' and sushi (all completely non-fictional). I loved the hotel and I have such an awful impulse to be constantly polite (comes of having been brought up in England?) that there has to be a thin veneer of anonymity in order for me to write at all. But, hey, maybe that's why I write, as the French would say, 'point'.


Baudade, you stopped too soon, I wanted to read MORE. This was so very good and descriptive. You have a keen eye, one that doesn't limit itself to just showing through your marvelous artwork.


Sorry I mispelled Badaude. As always, I type and don't check before hitting the publish button.


Don't worry - I often misspell it myself. Thanks so much for your comment. More next week...

Jennifer H

Milena sent me here, and I am very glad she did.

The way you tell a story makes me feel a bit like I discovered that hotel...a lovely surprise down an enchanted alley. Can't wait to hear more.

slouching mom

Milena sent me, too. Lovely, evocative post. Glad to "meet" you.


Milena, so kind of you to invite your friends! Glad you enjoyed it.


I am currently living in the dark ages and have no internet connection at home... but I have really missed blogging and can't wait to get posting again.

I'm going to be in Paris in September - will you be around?

p.s. that T-shirt/corset hybrid looks like it has to be seen to be believed...

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Wow, this is such a lovely and interesting story that you've shared over here! Thank you very much for sharing this one! I do think you are very talented and gifted writer! Good luck to you!

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