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May 17, 2008


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of course the chances of me seeing this exhibition are insanely slim...but a girl can hope right? :) but something tells me that i am truly missing out. c'est dommage.

le tigre in france

It sounds like a fantastic exposition..too bad I won't get to see it. Sounds wonderful though..


Couldn't recommend it too highly - though that's not what everyone thought. The exhibition drew an amazing ammount of hostilty from commentators at Charles Bremner's Paris Blog at The Times, London.


I've been meaning to see this- thanks for the reminder. I think it would be wise for men to check this out - A not so gentle reminder to put nothing in writing. Hell has no fury....ah forget it.

Jordan Sneakers

This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I am grateful that you let us look in! Keep coming up with ideas.

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