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February 28, 2008


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La Belette Rouge

Cheers to your new apartment. I love that you have "getting anxious" on your back. That is where I would hold my tension if it looked like I wasn't getting into my apartment.


Wonderful post- I lived in the 15e for a few months when I first moved here- it was nice but felt a bit out of the way- My stop was Cambronne- it was nice to have a metro stop above ground- the winos were very nice and extremely funny- wonder if they're still there. they had a bathtub filled with sand with a sign that read "Plague Cambronne


Yes - I've encountered them - though not their bathtub. The other day there was a guy who kept crossing the street under the metro at the end of Rue Lecourbe. He'd cross over to rue de Sevres, then to Pasteur, then to boulevard Garibaldi, then back to Lecourbe again, patiently waiting for the lights at each crossing on the complicated Sevres-Lecourbe intersection. He was doing this when I left my apartment at 9am. When I came back in the evening, he was still crossing, and crossing...


i am confused...where do you live in england or in france? or in both..uuuuu? :)


I pay tax in the UK - so I guess that means I'm still living there - but this is where I'll be whenever I'm in Paris.


you do now understand...that i wat your life...(don't worry not in a creepy way!).

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