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January 16, 2008


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i love people who smoke when they have "dipped into the sauce" for all silly reasons i have always thought that that was cool...

lievre sauvage

Reading this reminded me of interminable Sunday mornings sitting in the chapel of the boys' public school in which I was incarcerated for a number of years before the liberation of University and the big smoke. Enduring the droning sermons delivered each week was made somewhat easier by the running cricket style commentary whispered by one of my fellow pupils. The peculiarities of each sermon was observed as if it was a cricket innings, and the length of each week's sermon compared with the batting average over the course of the term. Impenetrable as the game itself. I suppose it was the mention of the rugby player priest that sparked this memory. It's odd what can prompt a memory.


As a lifelong heathen, I'm always surprised by the amount of time you have to spend actually doing religion. Still, I guess there's something in the idea that paying attention to your immortal soul maybe should come above watching reruns, doing your nails etc...

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