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December 06, 2007


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You had my hanging off the edge of my seat! And yes, protect those eyes, hands etc....we cannot loose you and your charming stories.


So nice to know you're concerned. I've seen your varied and helpful comments on many other Pariscentric blogs. You have so much to say, I can't believe you don't have a blog yourself. Maybe you could be nominated for some kind of award for services to comment boxes...


So glad your eye is doing better, Badaude! I was a bit worried there as well... My boyfriend has had bits in his eyes like that in the past, and he always ends up rubbing away until they turn terribly red. But then after a few hours it usually passes. But it worries me something awful, especially when it gets that red. And I know about frustrating eye issues -- I've worn contacts for years, and about two years ago I was basically told I had reached my "capital lentilles" -- my tolerance threshold! I can still put on hard lenses on occasion, when going out or spending time with friends, but during the week at work, 99% of the time now I wear my glasses. I don't much like it, but I don't have a whole lot of choice.

Oh, and I agree on your comment to Delphine: she should try to start a blog as well! I was told the same after leaving lots of comments around the expat blogosphere, and I finally broke down and started my own. It's an ordinary journal-like blog where I basically write when I feel really inspired, which means that I don't write as often as I should. But I'm glad to have it as an outlet from time to time. And I'm so happy to have met some wonderful people around the blogging world!


Oh thanks "Badaude" and Alice...I am blushing now. And I love Paris (but I live in a "3rd removed cousin" version: Montréal). And as for now, there are enough cool and interesting people with blogs...I am more than happy just to comment. Ca me fait plaisir!! And before I make my leap to live in Paris..
;) Delphine

La Belette Rouge

You are a double threat--artist and great writer. If I didn't like you so much I wouldn't like you ;-) I love your illustrations in colour. I also love them in black and white. Hmmm....

As, I was looking at this one I realized that your illustrations often make me think of Wim Wender's "Wings of Desire." You as the omniscient narrator--knowing what all of the people in your illustrations are thinking and craving. Delightful.

How did anything get through your fabulous glasses? It is a mystery.
I love how the little something in your eye sent you into a reverie about a man from the past who had once showed tenderness. Really lovely and also a little sad. (I could be projecting--I am in a melancholy holiday mood which makes me a little prone towards projection :)

I also love the intentional or unintentional poetry of "Franglish apero of kirs and salt-and-vinegar Hula Hoops." What a mouthful of sweet and sour.

I wish the title would have been "A little bit of Paris in my eye." I love all that idea conjures. But, you're the writer of this blog not me ;) Forgive my intolerable bossiness.
All over, a lovely-lovely-lovely post:)


Je suis bouleversée! Certainly the first time I've been called omniscient.
The glasses are actually sunglasses. I started my blog in the Summer and just went on wearing them (at least virtually). A girl has to retain a little bit of mystery...


as always your writings and drawings are utterly delightful, but a quick note to say how especially so I found this post. absolutely brilliant.

when I was a little girl, I scratched my cornea after a little bit of Orange County, CA got into my eye, and had to wear an eyepatch for a week. the worst bit was that they said I couldn't read because I would strain the eye that wasn't injured...so am very grateful your eye-experience turned out alright! (though a self-portrait-with-eyepatch would presumably be amusing)



I think an eye-patch would look quite cool - though presumably the attendant worry about your eyesight wouldn't. I'm probably so neurotic because I seem to be surrounded by people who've somehow damaged their eyesight, including a poet who was blinded in one eye by a cricket ball, and a barrister who made me lean into his face (necessitating full-body contact) to observe the missing top of his iris, sliced off at school when a fellow-pupil flicked a rubber band at him...

lievre sauvage

The mystery of what's written on your carrier bags is now solved, having read the latest blog. Am glad Marmite has a place in your cupboard. On my first visit to Africa, travelling on a shoestring (and with that traveller's bible in my pack) I remember shelling out fistfuls of money to lay my hands on a jar. Unlike France, you don't generally go to Africa for the food. But then I don't suppose you really go to France for the big game, though there is that rather fine rhino outside the Musee D'Orsay...

Suspect I will become a regular visitor to your Paris.


The d'Orsay Rhino always reminds me of the sculpture of a group of animals in the middle of the urban freeway that is Park Lane, London, dedicated to "Animals in War" except I used to think the Paris sculpture must be a memorial to "Animals Eaten during the 1870 Siege of Paris". I looked it up, however, and turns out not: just one of a group of four animals (a bull, a horse, an elephant and a rhinoceros) created to stand in front of the Trocadero Palace during the 1878 exhibition.



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