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October 20, 2006


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Sophie Ratcliffe

Hello Badaude....

I absolutely love this. Still can't answer any of the questions except for tulip and cellulose but have identified myself, Joe Hyames, John Mitch, Xander, Rich, Janie, Justin and am going back in for more.

Quite content with my nasal proportions as illustrated.


Well done! Perhaps my ability to handle physical likeness is better than I thought. I'll be sketching on my laptop in QI later so maybe see you there.


Vodka bar is a little quiet ;-)
I managed to land here on an internet snoop on the legendary Joe Hyames, and managed to be amused with light nostalgia. Enjoy QI!


Sadly the vodka bar wasn't open that night (it was a monday). So nice you happened by by chance... xJ

QI Fanatic


Nice blog here and really liking your work. I've visited the QI Club in Oxford and it is a most excellent place. I can't believe how successful the book has been. It was Amazon's global number one bestseller for xmas 2006 (QI: quite impressive).

I've just started a blog about QI at www.qitalk.blogspot.com and I'll add your blog to the links list.

QI Fanatic

P.S. Nice to see a fellow fan of the cloud appreciation society.


Thank you so much! Of course I'll link back...


Thank you very much, very good article, I love it.

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